Migraine Pain: What to eat, do not eat ??

Migraine pain makes many of the day uncomfortable. At one side of the head, severe pain, vomiting or vomiting, blurred vision, etc., makes people almost bedridden at this time. Some things work for a sudden attack of migraine pain These include some foods, which increase the pain.
Due to dehydration or dehydration due to insufficient drinking water and not eating too long, blood sugar is invited to reduce migraine pain. Besides, due to lack of niacin and vitamin B complex and also due to blood loss, headaches increase.

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Triptophan-eating foods bring great benefits to reduce the intensity of pain. They should eat red rice, dates, raisins, milk, curd, eggs, beans, nuts, figs, green and orange vegetables, and various types of fruits should be eaten regularly. Herbal tea, especially ginger-tea and mint-tea, will help reduce the headache.
Some foods are neglected for migraine patients. Such as: chocolate, bread, cake pastry, coloring foods, preserved foods, pickles or sauce and flour-sugar meals. Monosodium glutamate or testing salts increase pain.

Akhtarun Nahar, Nutritionist 
Formula - Prothom-alo.

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