Do not forget after the age of 35

»Do not forget after the age of 35

1. Margarine:

There is a lot of cholesterol and transfattage, which increases the body's intra-fat. So the better option would be to stay away from your consumption.

2. Labeled diet:

You may feel better in such food, taste but stay away from them or you may feel weak. There is nothing in the name of strength in such food.

3. More Salt:

With increasing age, there is a problem of increasing blood pressure, so take a small amount of salt. This will keep your heart and kidneys safe.

4. More sugar:

More sugar is never beneficial. So you reduce sugar intake after 35. This reduces the risk of diabetes very little.

5. More fried:

By eating too much oily, fat becomes excessive in the body, due to which you have to do more workout which you can not do and the body becomes useless.

6. Do not drink too much wine:

Excessive wine intake can be harmful to your health. This can have a bad effect on the heart and liver and your health may decline.

7. Caffeine:

After the age of 35, the stress is high; in this case, drinking caffeine as a tea or coffee can prove to be fatal for you.

8. White bread:

White bread is made of maida, which can cause constipation or dysentery in the stomach. Avoid using white bread in such a way.

9. White rice:

Avoid white rice intake like white bread. The quantity of bead is high in it. You eat brown rice, it contains high amounts of fiber and vitamins.

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