Avoid Firm Chicken Meat

In the home or restaurant, chicken meat is eaten almost daily. Today, the firm's chicken is getting more of our skin's needs. However, chances of loss of poultry meat in the farm, rather than the generally observed chicken, can not be ruled out.According to a report on health on a health website, farmers are taking all possible means to increase production due to high demand for chicken meat. These artificial ways bring health risks to the bread.To understand the quality of chicken meat, it should be understood about how it was fostered in the environment. One of the symptoms of this idea is the white line line spots in the breast.

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This strain occurs when the speed of the normal growth of chicken is accelerated by artificial means.From this, it is understood that the specific chicken had a muscular problem, named 'White Striping'.The quality of such chicken meat can decrease and increase the amount of fatty material to 224 percent.According to a survey by the National Chicken Council of America, a poultry is now being brought in the market with an average weight of 6 pounds in 47 days of birth. It took about 70 days to reach half its weight in the 1950s.A study conducted on 285 chickens shows that 96 percent of chicken breast has white spots and meat is tough.Therefore, it would be of no avail that it would not be beneficial to play more of the farm's chicken meat. 

Sources - bdnews24
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