Why boys should wear underwear?

Underwear for boys is not very much needed, but there is some need. Due to the underworld, the honor can not be fully covered. Of course, many boys do not wear underwear. If you have problems in summer, you can wear it for a while. Besides, you can also relax while wearing lush pants in summer. You can also wear cotton trousers, hood pants.

The boys will have underwear or bracelets to pour clean, cotton and crank. It is good to use light-colored undergarments so that it can be easily understood in dirt. Underwarning must be changed every day and need to be read. Especially for those who are more vulnerable or out-of-hours, there may be stomach, bleeding and infections in the crotch, pecker, and orthole due to the use of underground undergarments.

You can see how to increase sperm count

Do not use eighty-eight fingers, especially for old-fashioned boys. During this time, testosterone called hormone testosterone generated large and well organisms and develops manhood. This development may be interrupted due to the use of eighteen bands.

A recent study has said that the French men's sperm production capacity has decreased at an alarming rate. Even their sperm's ability to fertilize the ovum has decreased horribly. And it has been identified as the main cause - tight underwear, lifestyle method, food habits etc.

In a research report published in the 2012 magazine's Human Reformation Journal, ETI claimed that the researchers believe this is the world's largest survey conducted on male sperm. Studies have shown that in sperm production, men's body decreases in France by 17 years from 1989 to 2005, almost one-third of the rate decreased. At the same time, the ability of sperm produced has decreased.

It has also been found in the study that the number of sperm count has fallen to 7 million 36 million to 4.99 million millimeters of semen on the 35-year-old population. Researchers believe the rate of sperm production decreases is critical. To be able to produce children as a global health organization, a male sperm has a sperm count of more than 1.25 million per milliliters per acre.

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But according to the reproductive experts, the average sperm of a healthy male is between 2 to 15 crores per milliliter of sperm. If you wear polythene instead of cotton underwear (cotton), then your thickness may occur. Even the underwear of the mix of cotton and polyester makes some thickness.

Does the penis become smaller after wearing a pair?

Answer: No. But wearing a very tight clothes is a little narrow but it does not get smaller.

The food that you can see is sex thick

Egypt's researchers reported this fact. According to them, only 100 percent cotton underwear has no effect on impotence. The use of synthetic underwear can reduce the number of sperm and sperm in the atmosphere due to excessive heat over the osmotic. This also reduces the power of child production. So men should be careful about this.

 The advice of teenagers and young people will not fall under the night while sleeping, and never use very tight underwear.

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