What to do when suddenly increased pressure

For those who already have high blood pressure, this sudden increase in blood pressure can be a cause of danger. For those who do not have blood pressure, most of the time have been adjusted for some rules. But it may not be right all the time. Increased transitional blood pressure in many cases later becomes normal. Nevertheless, it should not be neglected. If there is excessive blood pressure for a few days or a few weeks then you should be able to seek a doctor.


Headache (usually in the posterior part of the head, regular headache after getting up in the morning, which becomes good after a few hours), head shivering, depression, flinging, bleeding with nose, blurred vision, chest pain, shortness of breath, muscle weakness Sleep, irregular sleep, Nakadaka, sleepiness during the day, rampage and sudden sweat.

To do:

1. If the sudden increase in blood pressure, the doctor advises sleeping medicine.
2. Reduce weight.
3. Eat less salt
4. Do not drink alcohol or take intoxicants.
5. Walking loudly at least 30 minutes daily.
6. Eat less fatty foods
7. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables
8. Eat more than fish.
9. Quit smoking.
10. Controlling diabetes, hyperlipidemia (excess fat deposits in the blood)
11. Do not measure frequent blood pressure.
12. Be sunny and cheerful Trying to live a happy life with friends and family.
13. Removal of mental depression.
14. Do not reduce excessive amount of blood pressure by taking high medicines.
15. Have enough rest


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