What to do before and after shaving . Beard cutting rule

Daily routine work of shaved boys. This shave takes many people away Some people shave regularly but there are many who went to shave Hoot Haat in unhygienic saloons.

The rules of cutting beard are very difficult to say very easily. Many people chose saloons to avoid shaving. But it is better to shave with shaving tools by thinking of good health. In this case, to shave yourself, cut the skin by pulling the backside of the beard. If the shave is not good, the skin of the skin may be harder or bearded. Some people have rash or acne infection. Some of them may be flammable in the face. To get rid of these problems, you need to have a comfortable shave.

Everyone should be careful about Sheva. It is very important to separate the contents of his shave with it. Which many do not mind. Especially in different saloons shave many people with the same equipment. Rupeforest experts say, 'If you want to shave outside, definitely make sure to shave it, that there are new blades, good quality lotions or cream containing antibiotic materials for each shave.' After skin shaving of almost all men, the skin becomes dull. Because, while shaving, all of a sudden mistakes are made by everyone. As a result, the flexibility of the skin goes away. Let's know what things should be kept at the time of shaving.

Many times when the beard is larger then many times they try to shave with razors in the same place. It is important to remember that the skin is likely to get crushed. To avoid this problem, you can reduce the beard before with the electric razor. If the electric razors are not near the hand, then shorten the beard with small scissors. After a few hours keep the shaving foam in the mouth. Then shave with razors. After shaving it your skin will be smooth.

Shave after bathing:

Many people do not have the habit of cleaning the mouth before shaving. This practice is not seen at all, saloon again. But it is best if the shave is done after bathing. In this case, take bath for a while while bathing. The beard will become very soft in it. As a result, you can shave smoothly.

Soak the towel in hot water:

Put a clean towel on the face in the hot water. Keep it in such a way until the towel is cold. The hair on the skin and the beard will become soft. After shaving, the skin becomes cleansed by removing the dirt from the mouth.

Choose the best quality materials:

Choose shaving cream, foam or gel that has all the ingredients to keep skin good. Brush the face with a wet brush. Wash with warm water before using blades or razors. Pull as many short strokes as possible.

Do not pull the razor in the opposite direction:

Do not ever drag Razor in the opposite direction. This can cause skin problems. When the shave ends, wash the face thoroughly with cold water. If you have fattycari, savlon, lotion etc. then rub it in the mouth. After saving the germs of the mouth will be cut.

Shave means to run sharp blades on the neck! While shaving many people pressed the blade on their cheeks. But it is not a perfect shave. There are some techniques behind the perfect shave. Recently, researchers from the manufacturer of gear made by Razor have researched the topic of the perfect shave and advised.

Researchers at the gymlet say that many people learn from the elderly like the father or elder brother to shave. But a lot of bad habits can also be passed from one generation to another.

Christina Venusuhua, the chief researcher of shaving product maker brand gillet, recently conducted a research on the perfect shave. He has been studying with shaving technology at the Innovation Center of Gillette for more than nine years. He said, how the beard works, the beard should be cut off or the beard should be done before cutting it.

For this study of Gillette, 80 volunteers of the volunteers shave the gilet in the Innovation Center every morning. The reason for their shave was using Magnifying Lenses, a fast-paced camera technology that researchers used. In this test, how was the blade cut off beard? It can be seen when the razor has multiple blades, the first blade pulls the hair, cut it off the second blade.

The bearded hair diameter is up to one tenth of a millimeter. When the beard is dry, it can be up to 130 microns (one micron equal to 0.001 mm), but if it is soaked, its size increases to 150 microns. The surface of the beard is wide and the blade can easily cut beard. Besides, if the beard is soaked during cutting, it is a skin tension. As a result, most parts of the beard came out.

Researcher Christina Venusahuaz said, it is better to take bath before shaving. The dry beard is hard to cut, and the beard can be comfortably shave using water. Generally, dry hair can be as hard as copper wire. But when the beard gets wet in water and it is easy to cut. Before cutting the beard, it is necessary to moisten face and throat with water and clear face. Examples show that hair follicles are different in cheek, chin or throat. So it's not right to cut beards with the same stroke at all. The edge of the beard will be cut from the side. Should not be pulled from the opposite side.

The researcher said that simple rules of cutting beard are very difficult to say in general. Because it contains many complex issues. Many times when the razor pulls along the beard's mouth, many beards are cut in the opposite direction. But in this case, remember that the beard will be cut with light light pressure. Before cutting the beard, it will be possible to shave comfortably by tearing down the opposite. Razor must be of course good in this case.

The researchers said that while cutting beard, many people used force over the blade for one and a half kilograms. Not so much pressure on blades should be applied. Razrake should be given his work rather than the use of force. The beard should be cut in light touch. When the shave ends, the resizer should not be kept in the water of the sync. Rather, the water should be washed by washing it with water and shielding it from it.

Gillette specialist advice:

The face must be washed thoroughly before shaving. To clear the face, use cleaneners to remove facial dirt and wash your face. It will soften the beard and do not need to put more pressure to cut the beard.
To make use of shaving gel more than face. This will create a layer of friction on the face of the blade on the face and the rotator can be rotated smoothly on the face. As a result, smooth and comfortable shave will be possible.
Shave with multiple bladed razors. Shave the light strokes without more pressure during shaving. Let Razzor do his job.

Shave the beard as opposed to the beard, instead of the beard. Make sure the blades are not too old or annoying. Razor depends on the length of time or the number of times it is being used. In this case, the common formula is that if the razor starts to cut the spots and can not cut the beard, the blades will be replaced.
After the shave, use moisturizer-by-re-hydrate as an aftershave. Afters shave products contain alcohol, which acts as an apparatus, and acts as a sterilizer on the skin. It does not have skin infections.

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