Three types of skin care in summer [including video]

During the summer the amount of dust in the air is high. That's why the skin needs to be kept clean. Especially the oil accumulates on oily skin. You have to take care of yourself even during the whole day. Find out how to take care of your skin type.

Three kinds of skin care in summer:

Oily skin : 

For this type of skin, first of all, need to remove the oil-dirt. With cotton, the face will be removed with the toner. Clean the skin with oil-free cleansing facialization. Then wash the face with normal temperature water. Then use moisturizer cream to gently remove the face. However, those who have acne problems, they will go to bed with anti-inflammatory gel. Wake up in the morning and wash your face. You can also keep frozen by making FacePack in advance at home. Make a pack with cucumber, apple, orange juice, sandalwood and a little amount of money. This package should be kept in excess of the amounts of grain in the grain. If possible, you can use the pack every day. The brightness of the skin will increase. Oily solids will be reduced.

Mixed skin :

Any part of this skin is oily or partially dry or dry. There is no need to use toner on this skin every day. Can use two days a week. So that the skin's oily skin decreases. The skin needs to be cleaned with any massage cream first. Massage the skin as you need it. Dry the towel in a light hot water and get rid of it. But keep in mind, never use light-hot water on oily skin. Then you can put any pack made at home. In this case, make the pack of seasonal fruits as normal and make them pack of seasonal fruits. Such a package does not contain any harmful material for the skin.

Dry skin : 

There is no need to use toner on this skin. Cleans mouth, skin with daily use cleansing face. Wash carrots, bananas, a little lentil pulse, and rub it on the face. Use good quality moisturizer cream before sleeping at night. However, if you do not have it every day, you should put it on your eyes by making a round of chestnut juice for at least three days. All over the eyes, there is more pressure on the eyes. Tiredness is also seen through the eyes. So take care of regular eye care. Spend 30 minutes for skin care every day. Then the body and mind will be fresh.

Video : 


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