These Vitamins Will Keep Your Hair Healthier

Vitamin is essential for the development of hair as well as the overall health of the human body. Hair is only part of the body, so when the balance of vitamins and minerals will remain in the body, then our hair will remain healthy and shining.

All hair loss due to hair fall-falling, uneven white, baldness, all other problems are hair health. Hair growth and hair growth depends on three factors - your genes, hair care routine and your diet. We can not change our genes, but we can make hair health by changing our hair care habits and eating habits.

In fact, due to the difficulty of not growing the length of the hair, due to lack of proper care of the hair and malnutrition. Both of these problems can be resolved in a natural manner.

If there is a hair fall or fall due to genetic factors or there is a complaint of thyroid, there is no need to worry. Every problem in nature is treated.

* Vitamins for Hair Growth to Increase Hair Length

Vitamin C, Vitamin B Group's Biotin (Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H) and Niacin (Vitamin B-3) are the most effective in increasing hair length.

Proper nutrition in the hair is found only by adding the above mentioned vitamins to your diet. If you have dietary supplements mentioned above with a balanced diet in your eating habits, then your hair can grow faster.

* Biotin effect on hair (Effect of vitamin B7 or Vitamin H on Hair)

Biotin is vitamin B complex which is also called vitamin B7 and vitamin-H. It is formed in our intestines and is naturally found in green vegetable-greens, almonds and eggs.

Deficiency of biotin begins with hair fall and rupture. In addition to food, taking different biotin supplements, hair follicles get nourishment and hair length increases. Hair is black-solid and long. By taking biotin, fatty acids are also made in the body and cells form in the roots of the hair.

* Vitamin C effect on hair (Effect of Vitamin C on Hair)

Vitamin C is soluble in water and it contains a considerable amount of anti-oxidant. Vitamin C produces an essential protein collagen, which causes skin, hair and bones and nervous system to form one-third of the body.

Due to being anti oxidant in Vitamin C, it also protects many free radicals from being destroyed. Free radicals destroy hair, destroys body tissues. Laxative of hair, the lack of vitamin C due to the two-mouth hair and the breakdown of hair. Vitamin C is found in many juicy fruits, including orange, seasonal, lemon.

* Vitamins to Prevent Baldness to Avoid Baldness

It is very effective to consume vitamin C, linseed seeds, sea fish proteins and zinc in reducing hair breakdown, hair loss and fall. The hair starts to grow on bald head after consuming these vitamins.

Baldness in men is due to the hydrogen (Dihydrotestosterone-DHT). Hair follicle i.e. hair follicles gets nutritional and comes with complaints of baldness. In such a situation, men should take vitamin c and other nutrients as supplements in addition to the balanced diet.

Vitamin for Long and Thick Hair For Long And Dense Hair

* Vitamin E

Most hair oils sold in the market are claimed to be vitamin E. It is a matter of research, how much truth is there in it. But if you are taking Vitamin E in your diet then your hair will become healthier, along with the hair black and dense. It strengthens hair root and scalp. Vitamin E is found in almonds, avcodo, spinach, sunflower oil and shellfish.

* Vitamin D

Vitamin D also nourishes hair roots and helps in growing hair. If you sunbathe during the winter months, your body will get a good amount of vitamin D

Note: Apart from food, take vitamins aside as a supplement, without the doctor's advice.
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