The way to protect against asthma or asthma

About 100 million people worldwide are infected with this disease. It is actually a respiratory disease. If for some reason the airways are susceptible to excessive sensation and are excited for various reasons, obstruction in the airway in the airway becomes obstructed, in which it can be prevented or interrupted. Most of the time, genetic causes have been shown to be affected by asthma.

Apart from this, there is also an increase in asthma due to home and living environment, pollen of flowers or grass, some foods, medicines or chemicals etc. Apart from this, various animal wounds are caused due to allergic reactions to asthma or asthma.

People of any age may be affected by asthma. If there is an asthma among relatives of blood relations, there is more chance of being attacked by the children. However, this is not a contagious or infectious disease. There is no danger of acid attack by breastfeeding children's babies.

The main symptoms of this disease are: difficulty in breathing and breathing, frequent coughing, noise inside the chest, swelling of breath, and difficulty in sleep due to breathing in the night.

The first way to survive asthma or asthma is to avoid allergic reactions as much as possible. So allergies should be tested to ensure that allergens are there for him. In addition, good medicine is being used nowadays in asthma treatment. Such as: corticosteroids, leuketrin inhibitor national medicines. Apart from avoiding allergy products and using proper medicines, vaccines are one of the most effective treatment methods for asthma patients.

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