The mistakes that cannot be made during the monthly period

Although there are many issues with menstrual or period, it is much more healthy and scientific to openly discuss this issue. Ignorance came in this way to hide the girls. And that's why this physiological and natural process is being done every month, without knowing it at the time, many women make mistakes. Which can be extremely harmful to the body.

Most of the girls usually make mistakes during the period, let's look at them once ...

1. Pain Releif Medication

During the period, women used to take medicines for many purposes in order to cure common pain or cramp. The strain of pen relief in this medicine or injected steroids is very harmful to the body. A number of medicines may increase further instead of reducing the problem. And non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will increase the risk of a sudden heart attack. Regularly eating such medicines can have serious effects on kidney and liver.

2. No longer change the pad

The more time you use a pad, the more bacteria will be stored in it. Many people use the same sanitary napkin for long periods of work pressure or negligence. It is very unhealthy for the body. The pad should be changed every 4-6 hours.

3. Use the perfume pad

It is normal for someone who does not like any kind of fierce smell. However, it is not right to use the perfume sanitary napkin. This type of chemical infection can spread, bacteria can create. Perfume pad may contain some synthetic chemicals, which may become cancerous.

4. Lack of adequate sleep

Insomnia occurs in women during periods due to pain, cramping, hormonal imbalance and discomfort. Do not want to sleep However, due to lack of adequate sleep during this particular time, the body becomes more ill. According to experts, the period is very easy and less stressful when eating properly and sleeping.

5. Athletics break

When most of the girls started the period, they stopped the physical exercise every day. At this time, physical exercise is harmful to the body because most people's ideas However, experts say the opposite. It is also good to sleep as well.

6. Leave aside tea-coffee
Due to fatigue during the period, due to lack of sleep, body problems such as headache, occasionally want to eat coffee. However, the girls are saying, this time the coffee beef is fair. Because caffeine may damage the body by dehydrate and in this time it can damage the body. Headaches may increase. As much tea and coffee as you eat during the menstrual period, problems like tension, sleep apnea and anxiety will be reduced.

7. Protected Sex

During the period, the risk of bacterial infection in vaginal sex is highest. Therefore, keeping in mind the importance of protecting yourself during this time, if it does not seem to have adequate protection, it may be deadly.

8. No more use of cloth

There are still many girls in the villages, villages and even in the city, they use clothes during the menstrual period. It's not really healthy. So always use Hygienic pads instead of clothes.

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