The domestic way of reducing the black spots in the eye below

The most beautiful and sensitive part of the human face is a pair of eyes. But if there are black spots under the eyes of the beautiful two or the Under Circle (Dark Circle), then there is a fall in the whole beauty. For many reasons black spots may fall under the eyes. Among them, staying awake or sleeping in the night, excessive pressure of work, reluctance to food, excessive anxiety, old age, blood void, sadness are notable.

Apart from this, some physical problems such as allergies, respiratory problems, liver problems, side effects of medication etc. can also lead to black spots under the eyes. In many cases black spots are seen in the eye without any reason from the small flames.

Domestic way to lower black spots under eye:

1. To reduce the black spots under the eye, take care of medicines and some rules.
2. Have to practice at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day.
3. Try to stay anxious and stress free.
4. Avoid as much as possible from smoking.
5. Drink plenty of water.
6. If you get out of the sun, you will need to use sunglasses or sun block.
7. Large amounts of iron and anti-oxidant foods should be taken.
8. Some people use black glasses and swelling for eye glasses.
9. In that case, the eyes should be rested for 10 minutes, and eyes should be rested every day
10 pillows should be used while sleeping at night.

The proper distance should be maintained during the use of mobile or computer. Now there are many types of under eye eye cream cream available in the market. Some dark circles are light to use them. Apart from diamond pilling, dark circles can also be reduced. But if the problem of black spots in the eye for a long time, then you should consult a doctor.

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