The causes and remedies of unwanted hair for girls

If the hair starts to grow like a boy in the face of girls, then it creates a very embarrassing situation. Not only external beauty, but also due to many diseases of the body. So medical care is also important.

If there is a thick, black, or slightly dark hair on girls' lips, chin, chest, stomach or back, then any girl becomes embarrassed and anxious. This unwanted hair growth in medical terms is called hirsutism.

The problem is not very rare. Studies have shown that 5% to 15% of adolescents or adult girls worldwide can be affected by this problem. However, there is a difference in family history, caste or race. Middle and South Asian women have more problems. Weighing heavily or gross girls are also more of the problem.

How to make unwanted hair?

Normally the amount of androgens or male hormones in women's body is very small. But these osteoporosis can sometimes occur due to excessive amount of ovaries or adrenal gland, or due to excessive effect of endocrinous functioning.

What causes excessive endocrine build?

It is good to know first that it is not a disease, but a symptom. Due to various reasons, the excess of male hormone endorseen is in the blood of women.

Risk Factor :

- It is usually menopause or this time is more risky. Menopause is closed when the menstrual is completely closed. Hormones change at this time, so risk is more. However, this problem can occur at any age.

- Unemployment of unmarried women will also be seen in the irregular conditions.

- If married, relationship related to birth or not having an irregular menstrual cycle is involved. In that case, diagnosis and treatment will be taken.

The reasons are:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome:

70 percent of the reasons for unwanted hair is because of it. As well as increase in unwanted hair, there may be some signs of bron, head hair, black stains on neck, weight gain or obesity, irregular menstrual problems, pregnancy problems, high blood sugar-cholesterol, high blood pressure, ovaries cysts.

Unreferenced reason:

Often the specific reasons are not available after many experiments. There is a family history or in the case of gross girls.

Ovaries and adrenal gland tumor or hyperplasia:

This type of tumor may change the voice of the throat for the excretion of excessive amount of endocrine hormones, changes in body structure or muscle changes, even changes in genital mutilation.

Other hormonal diseases:

This problem can be caused by thyroid problems, cousins syndrome, acromagalis, prolactinoma, insulin resistance syndrome etc. But these are rare problems.
Medicines: The side effects of medicines may also be a problem. Such as steroid, danajl, minoxidil, metoclopramide, methyl dopa, phenothagin, progesterone etc.

When to consult a doctor:

1) If the hair starts increasing rapidly.

2) If more men have symptoms, such as change in voice, acne, increase muscle, lower breast, etc.

3) If there are problems with period

Diagnosis : 

Blood tests can be diagnosed by disease. Some hormone levels are to be seen. For example -

- Testosterone

- Dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S)

- Luteinizing hormone (LH)

- Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)

- Prolactin

- 17-hydroxyprogesterone

Remedies for unwanted hair remedies:

It is important to determine the cause and treatment accordingly.

In most cases long-term treatment is to be done and it may take at least six months to start getting results.

Along with medicines, temporarily hair loss can be done through waxing, shaving, cream, electrolysis, lasers etc.

Weight loss is extremely important. If you have high blood pressure, cholesterol or hypertension, take treatment.


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