Remove the smell of mouth only in 7 ways

Fain or breath of breath or halitosis is a embarrassing problem. What to do to get rid of this, find out:

1. Many types of mouthwash are available in the market. However, alcoholic mouthwash should not be used. It makes the mouth dry and causes bacteria to grow more. Rather, natural mouthwash can cool down with warm hot water mixed with salt.

2. Brushing teeth for a breathable breathing can be added to the toothbrush while a few drops of tea leaves or mint oil.

3. Those who are suffering from bad odor, make good use after each meal. Then the food particles in the mouth will be out in the mouth.

4. Most people clean their teeth only, but the creature does not clean. But it is also important.

5. The faces of those who are more dry, they are more prone to stomach disorders. In this case, you have to drink plenty of water every few times.

6. Caffeine and alcohol are also responsible for the dryness of the mouth.

7. Nicotine is the biggest enemy. It gets accustomed to tooth and tongue. Smoking makes the inside of the mouth more dry. Not enough saliva can be made in this.

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