Let's know how to thicken and increase weight.

Do you follow the routine?

There are many people who want to reduce body weight and excess fat and many others who do not do much to increase weight and total, those with excess fat can reduce their fat and see these tips by taking only 3 exercises and reducing weight for weight loss. Can see. But today's tips are about weight gain and thickness.

Let's know how to thicken and increase weight.


If you want to avoid breakfast, then the body will think that if you have not eaten all day, calories from the body are added as fat and do not eat 10-12 hours of food for more benefits from this method and after eating it more. By this means your body will store all the calories and increase the weight.

Less sleep:

You can be fat if you want to sleep less. Sleepy body feels tired, and there will be mental emotions due to low sleep. Due to stress, many people have increased eating habits.

And not just because of the pressure of the hormones in the body due to the pressure of the weight also increased. You will also get a lot of time to eat while you sleep less. So before going to sleep at night, you can go to bed with extra calorie foods.

Fried food in oil:

French fries, fried chicken, fried iridescence is the best food for those who want to be fat. However, these types of foods contain large amounts of saturated fat. The saturated fat will not only increase your weight, but also the body will appear in different types of problems, especially the heart's problems due to the saturated fat. However, if you have eaten potato fries in the morning, then your weight will increase.

Drinking water:

Because it is seen that you may lose weight due to drinking enough water in most cases. So drink less water and drink soft drinks and if you can not eat them, then eat tea with more sweets.

fast food:

Can eat fast food fast food These foods do not only increase our weight. Fast food foods actually help a lot to increase weight. So, if you want to increase weight, eat it fast food.

Do not say exercise at all. To be fat, body calories are needed. And if you exercise, calories will be reduced from the body so exercise can not be done if you want to be fat.

If you do not want to travel anywhere, use the car to walk and watch the TV for a long time. In this way the excess calories of the body will remain in the body and the weight will increase.

Everyone will be good. Thanks for having the support. Stay with us and find out all the new information.\

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