How To Know If You Have Kidney Problems | seven signs

In an article published in Reader's Digest, at least seven silent symptoms can be said to indicate how bad the kidneys are.

One: Rash or sharpening on the skin of the body and intense itching or icing. Generally, the problem of kidney problem related to skin rashes is very rare.

Two: Kidney problems are caused by a type of toxin or harmful substance in the blood circulatory system. As a result, the facial test decreases and metallic tests and facial odor are felt. That is what is called Bad Breath. Some people say that eating a meal, one kind of metallic odor is felt.

Three: Often vomiting or nausea is felt. The desire for hunger or food decreases even if it gets reduced to quick weight.

Four: The time of need of urine began. Many urge to urinate but urination is not. Again, the amount of urination is much higher. Again, despite many people having diabetes, it has to rise in the night for urination.

5: Only urine intensity is low, in many cases, urination with urine, urine color is darker or lighter, or foamy urine. That is, after the urine, the foam was created.

Six: Another function of kidney is to remove excess water or fluid from the body. But if the kidney function is not suitable, there is no unnecessary fluid out of the body. As a result, these flavors are deposited in knees, legs, feet, face and hands. Whom we call hands, feet, mouth swelling.

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