Harmful Habits for Health

Some bad habit is harmful for health. It gives a list of these harmful habits. Try to avoid them.

We sometimes get tired by nervous pressure. Then we do all those things that stand in practice. Nervous habit is said to be correct, they will be called. They themselves become annoying and even close to four people. Exposure to some neurological or unexplained hypertension can actually lead to health. Experts have seen, nail-biting, hair removal, and other such harmless practices can actually lead to health risks.

Harmful Habits for Health -

Nail biting:

A picture of fear can bite the nails by looking at the photo gallery, but if you have regular practice of nail biting then it can damage the nails and the surrounding skin. Said New York City's skin specialist Dr. Michael Shapiro. Bacteria can be transmitted from the mouth to the skin, even on the skin may be shifted to similar to the mouth. Dr. Shapiro said that under the nails, the disease can be bacterial in the face, in the mouth and throat infection. Nails may be discouraged from biting nails on the ring.

Hair twisting and stretching:

There is a lot of damage to hair in the beginning of hair. Dr. Ariel Ostad, another skin specialist in New York, In this case, some places may become inaccessible. It may even be infection. Dr. Osted said that hair loss can lead to signs of mental illness. Medical science says, trichotomyania. This requires treatment with psychotherapy and medicines.

Suddenly the neck knob:

There is a sudden sound. If the neck is exposed on the one hand, the gases that are formed between the vertebrae spray gas and the photographer voices. Although it feels comfortable, the relics of the surrounding environment can be overwhelmed by the twists of the neck. As a result, the probability of damage increases. Similarly, Florida's orthopedic surgeon Dr Michael Glibber It may also be decayed due to excessive bite of bite. Problems like atherithes in the context. In rare cases, it can be repeated in the neck of the stoke.

If you face repeated face:

If you touch the mouth repeatedly or acne on the skin, then the upper level of the skin is damaged. Said the physician, Jessica Crani. If bleeding is done, permanent scarring of the skin is made. It is not okay to scrub an acne or at the spot where it is heated. It is better to apply cream or moisturizer in gently.

Tearing the tooth:

Tension of teeth can be a risk for mental health or tooth rubble. Tooth whitening may cause teeth to crack or cracks in the teeth, while dental repair or root canals may be needed. Jawbone can be damaged. Dental physician Justin Phillip said people tick or grind their teeth with depression. But most of the time, to be shaky tooth, toothache, or to taint properly. Orthodontic doctors may be required.

Hard candy sucking:

The hard candy chest teeth are broken into a mixture of sugar and red, the hole is made of cavity. Bacteria continue to absorb sugar, permanent deterioration of the teeth. The teeth are more damaged.

Lip sucking :

New York's skin scientist, Whitney Bawe, has said that nicotine stimuli increases the likelihood of face-to-face chemotherapy. These enzyme ate some skin, causing dermatitis and inflammation: skin is dark color, inflammation occurs. Blisters may also occur, and even small tumor may occur.

Bite in the middle of the jaw :

Biting nails, biting inside the jaw, and nervous tension can lead to bad habit. Skin doctor Rigger said, gradually swelling inside the chest and biting and chewing easily. The habit continues after drying, gradually causing diarrhea, bleeding. Wounds can be made in many cases.

Wrote - 
Professor Dr. Subhagat Chowdhury
Director, Laboratory Services
Bardem, Dhaka


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