Hairstorm problem solving

Beauty of women's hair Catherine dark Bidisar Nisha. Nabokumar was thrilled by the forests when he saw the unfinished hair of Kapalkundala. Whether hair should be long or dry, it may be soft or soft, hair for women is not a single tiger box. The beauty of a bunch. Respect of self respect and dignity It also shows style and personality. Researchers say that the head and the self-reflection of the head are closely related.

Hair fall:

Hairstyles are rarely seen on women's head. It's not just boys's problems, it's not. 40% of those who have temporary or permanent hair removal are women. Some people see that the head is becoming thin in the head, and some are seen in the center of the head being rare. Many are heading to the top of the head. However, in front of women, women like to follow their hairline.

How to clog hair:

The number of hair on the head is 100,000 Every hairstyle grows in a hairstyle. Increases an inch increments per month. After two to six years of growing, the hair takes a little rest before the hair fall, it stays. Soon the new locks fill the place. The cycle goes on again. At the same time, 85% of the hairs are in the growth phase, the rest remains steady.

How much hair fall is normal:

Since the necks of the fixed head fall regularly, most people use hair to fall 50-100. Fallen hair may be found in the hair brush or towel or dress. Abnormal hair loss may occur in many ways. When shampooing or styling, hair fall. Or the hair is thin after time. Doctors should consult if they think of changes in hair.

In the original search of Kehahhani:

There are at least 30 types of health problems on women's head. In many cases, life style components are also responsible. Sometimes the specific reason can not be found. In the beginning, specialists are looking for thyroid problems and other problems. In most cases, due to the treatment of pele, the hair growth goes back as before.

Measuring Women's Hair Removal:

The saddle scale is the conventional measurement, from the normal hair density to the whole head (rare sight). It is quite useful to determine the type of woman's survival. I do not know the statistics in the country, but in America, 30 million women are struggling to become rare. Experts say, "Enthargement and production is responsible for the 'endodoxic allophesia'. And Boy: Hormonal changes in the treaty. The hair can be thin throughout, and in the center of the head there is a little bit resting. For women, do not hesitate to wear a hair line. Rarely

Excessive hair growth, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome):

Chronic hormone balance in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The woman is made more and more endrogen in the body, it causes excess hair in the face and body but her hair becomes thin. Eroge ovulation is the problem, acne and weight gain. But sometimes there is a clear symptom that the hair becomes thin.

Thyroid Problems:

This thyroid is in the shape of the butterfly shape gland in front of the throat. It is neutralized to control the thyroid hormone and various functions of the body. If the thyroid gets too much or too little hormone, then there is noise in the hair growth of head hair. However, the only symptom of thyroid problem is not the hair fall. Other symptoms are changes in weight gain or decreased heart rate, cold sensitivity and heart rate.

Elopecia Arraya:

Hair fall in the allopesia arreta tinted skin. Rare hair on small island heads The fault falls on the body's immune system. Keshvutta by accidentally attacking antibody cells. In most cases the damage is not permanent. Places are filled up to 6 months, in one year. Rarely all the hair in the body, all the hair of the head falls.

Ringworm Infection:

When the ringworm causes infections in the head, fungus causes a certain type of asphyxia. Very irritating, round hairdressing. The scalp gets red in the moist areas. Fungal treatment is needed. Fungus spreads directly in contact with other family members as well.

Can give birth to childbirth:

Many women notice that the hair of the head is very full when pregnant. Hormonal values ​​rise upwards. Which holds the hairpin. But this protection for a brief moment. After the delivery of the baby when the normal value of the hormone comes back, many hair falls together. It may take two years to become normal again.

Crush Diet:

Chattzdi is very thin, due to a lot of weight in weight loss, after losing weight 15 pounds in 3-6 months. If the normal diet goes back, the hair can grow fresh.

Tight-sleeved hair style:

Tightly bent hair, ponytail by dragging, many others also bundle tight. The crest is very excited, the hair can fall on. Hair tie naturally, gently, loose. Then the hair will be good.

Cancer treatment:

The side effects of two non-prescription treatments for cancer treatment, chemo and radiation treatment are hair loss. In the process of destroying cancer cells, there is also a loss of worm also. It happens dramatically the problem of hair fall. But the loss is temporary. After the therapy ended, the hair started to grow again.

Strong pressure:

Intense physical and emotional pressure can cause one-third or half-neck loss of the head. For example - severe illness or major surgery, major injuries and bleeding, serious trauma and emotional discomfort can also fall hair for 6-8 months.

Hair Treatment and Drugs:

FDA approved medicines for menopause (meningitis) women's hair loss. For many women, hair loss can be prevented and some women can grow new hair. There is no merit in the quality when it stops applying it. Many people give steroids to allopesia arreta. If there is a disease in the back of the headache, it will stop hair loss if he cures the disease.

Laser Devices:

In light of low power lasers, this laser technology can disperse light, this light against thinner hair can stimulate hair growth. One of them is an FDA approved.

Hair Transplant for Women:

In this method, hair transplantation is done from donor site or toothpaste. The problem is that women's hair loss is everywhere in the head. So getting the right donor site becomes difficult.

Thin Hair Treatment:

Hairstylist can give tips. Shortcut, different part or light body wave. Styling product for thin hair is helpful to hide thin hair. Increase the size of the hairline by applying it to the hairstyle. There are special cosmetics. Keratin fiber is suitable for cosmetics.

Too much hair fall:

It is difficult and difficult to handle permanent hair removal. If the rare hair area is very clear, hairpiece, scarf or capillary cap can be used to hide the trunk space. Good quality wiggles are quite useful and useful. If you have problems with the psychiatrist, it is better to consult psychiatrists.


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