Domestic treatment to prevent hair clams

Excessive hair is very useful for hair. Especially if you start getting hairy at a very young age, often in the office or in a friend-room embarrassingly to read the situation. Originally the hair color changes when the pigment production in it decreases or closes. Statistics say stress is more responsible for hair sticking to age 30 or younger.

But there are some domestic solutions to these problems. The methods that can be followed ...

1. Amalaki

There is no substitute for Amlakee to bring the old hair stuck back to the old time. In this case, heated the coconut oil and a few pieces of oil in a bowl. Then wait for a few minutes by applying the oil to the oil gradually. Special items available in the bureaucracy help to increase pigment production. As a result, white hair started to become normal.

1. Make a paste by mixing ginger with quantity like spoon honey. Then apply it to the hair every day. This domestic blend will play a special role to keep the hair black for long periods of time.

2. Coconut oil

There is no alternative to hair care coconut oil. Mix well with a bowl of coconut oil and lemon juice. Then apply the mixture to Skalp and wait a few minutes. If you take care of hair in this manner, then hair is not the same. As well as the lost beauty of hair will also return.

3. Hena

Make a paste by mixing two spoons of Honey Powder, one spoonful of fenugreek seeds, two tablespoon tulsi leaf paste, three tablespoons coffee powder, three spoon mint leaves and one spoonful of yogurt. Then start hitting it every day. If you do this regularly, you do not have to worry about white hair.

4. Neem oil

Anti-bacterial propagation in nim oil, killing bacteria born in Scalp, solves multiple hair problems, and plays a special role in reducing hair loss and white hair.

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