5 foods that reduce the sexual desire of men

Nowadays, many men suffer from problems of reducing gametes. Eating or eating what is eaten on this problem can have a fatal effect. Eating can have a damaging effect on your libido. Especially when the age increases, the chances of this harmful effect are increased. Therefore, it is better to exclude foods that reduce your desire to sex or lose sexual capacity, from the list of foods.

If a type of testosterone is low in hormone, sexual desire will decrease. Men's sexual desire may decrease after eating those foods that reduce the levels of these hormones. If you want to keep your sexual desire normal, there are some foods you should be avoiding here.

5 Eating lessens the sexual desire of a man's sexual desire:

Increasing the size of the men's nipples increases excessive soya. The foods that are made from soya, such as soy milk or soy sauce, greatly reduce testosterone levels. As a result, sexual desire decreases. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition provides such information.

Researchers have found that testosterone levels decrease in those who eat 120 grams of soy per day. And those male babies who are thinking of taking it out of the food list, leave them just a few. Soy reduces the quantity of sperm.

Any refined carbohydrate or carbohydrate can have harmful effects on men during sexual intercourse. These refined carbohydrates contain the highest amount of crackers in crackers. Additional refined carbons also reduce testosterone levels. Moreover, sugar that contains refined sugar will increase the weight. This sugar reduces testosterone levels. On the contrary, increase the levels of estrogen in the body.

The consequence of excessive drinking is terrible. Extra Alcohol With Fatal Impact In Sexual Life With the erectile dysfunction, it is possible to drink excessive alcohol due to the absence of arthritis and early semen due to early onset. Moreover, alcohol and rich food always keep you awake, so you do not feel more enthusiastic about sex.

Foods that contain extra hormones or antibiotics should be avoided. For example, there are lots of hormones in red blood. As a result, your body's natural hormone imbalance is created due to excessive mixing of red meat.
Red mixing plays a controlled level rather it is useful. Red meat is one of the sources of zinc and protein. Both proteins and zinc decrease fat and form muscles.

If you eat extra, your weight increases naturally. And if the weight increases, the desire for sex decreases. Eating any type of food is the biggest enemy of sexual desires.

Depending on the age of the people, they also depend on eating. Those who weigh more than 35 to 60 years, their age increases rapidly. The body gets older before the time. Especially those who are under extra pressure, eat irregular and unregulated food, do not exercise and this does not matter.

A good diet is equal to equal sex. The better of the diet system, which is as happy as it is.

Apart from this, some foods may have harmful effects on semen, sweating, urination and breath. Asparagus, garlic, some spices, dairy products also play a harmful role in this area.

Pineapple, vanilla flavored foods increase the intensity of attraction between both men and women.


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